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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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president norton. and i looked at it oh, the reading partners >> that's what i thought. good evening board of education and superintendant. i probably thought i was going to talk about lay offs i'm going to - i have a couple of questions aboutrd partners. i was occurring whether this is during the structural day or i wanted to know it says it's retroactive it looks like it starred in september because of the language. that's all thank you >> thank you, ms. solomon. all right. i have no other cards on consent items so item g. may i hear a motion and a second
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for the consent calendar please. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant >> yes. president norton one item to be corrected. correction to item c-33 resolution 130 dash 2229 on page 49 of your agenda. it says new academic campus the word demolition should be stricken >> i'm revved to know we'll not be diminishing our campus any items for first reading by the board. seeing none, any items severed by the board or for discussion and vote this evening?
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seeing none. roll call will be taken and when the vote takes place i will be abstaining on this following cue to the possibility of conflict of interest. i'm going to make this announcement i believe commissioner will be abstaining under 3 c-130-dash 2 it b-3 an boings due to a possible conflict of interest. all right. onto the item h. superintendents proposals we have 130 revision to policy 4040 employee harassment.
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that was moved and seconded already. could you provide us with therd of the resolution >> yes. thank you, president norton. superintendents proposal and revision of board proposal employees sexual harassment is that the board of education revises policy entitled employees sexual harassment >> thank you there are no public speakers signed up for this item. may i hear are there any comments from the board or superintendant >> i'll to put in an additional. one of the things that gets overlooked is a hostile
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workplace like photos that creates a hostile environment. my proposed language is roman numerical 2 under conduct to add workplace hostile environment is prohibited in person or other means of conversation or through virtually or media. the language accounts for an increasing trend in social media being used to harass people whether it's texted messages or povrts things of that nature. i want to make sure that the policy addresses some of the changing ways in which people have found to harass each other >> are you making a motion to
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amend the policy. >> yes. i'd like to ask the superintendant to adopt the amendment. >> slightly. >> all right. so that does not require a vote of the board. any other comments from board members. yes commissioner >> i want to thank the superintendant for bringing this forward and also the commissioner for her guidance on this. i know it's going gone to the boards committee many times. >> any other comments. seeing none, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> (calling names). >> i'm having leave attributable
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with hearing. i >> if you could speak in the microphone that would help. >> okay noted. >> commissioner norton. >> all right. we will now move into item i. can you hear me mrs. winn. all right. we're moving on to item i. in support of a policy allowing students to eat breakfast during the first class of the day it was moved and seconded on june neiman >> curriculum committee credit card this on october 7th and came with a arrived at the
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positive recommendation for approval. >> at the. now the resolution i would like to i'm the adult sponsor of this resolution but our former speths megan wong wrote this. i wanted to ask the student delegates to help me read this into the record >> okay. do i read the resolution number? i've never done this before >> i can start in port of the policy. in support of the policy allowing the students to eat the breakfast during the first class of the day. we need the brains fuel whereas
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breakfast provides energy to lead to concentration and helps the students ability to learn. whereas students who don't eat breakfast have a harder time. and on demanding mental tasks eating breakfast attribute to hire group intact and daily vitamin intact and better overall health. and whereas school breakfast helps the learning environment and a whereas currently 7 high school schools they serve breakfast for students who come
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to more than class >> and whereas u.s. f d the department department of agriculture and the reimbursement is based on the number of breakfast and multiplied by $1.50 for free meals and $1.25 and whereas in the year of 2010 to 11 there were 33 thousand 1 hundred and 29 low income students only 29 or 15 percent participated. the school participation was much higher 19 thousand plus students who were allowed to eat breakfast would be likely it
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there the number of low income students in the program. therefore be it resolved that the board of education requests the superintendant to explore developing a plan for all students to finish or eat their breakfast at the beginning of the school day and we have one speaker ms. signing solomon you have 2 minutes >> thank you susan exclusive vice president. i think this is a great idea. it will help you never skip breakfast as some of you know. i taught kindergarten and this is helpful. some extra assistance in keeping
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the classrooms clean would help and teachers are keeping food in their classrooms and they get problems with rod dents. and having the correct complainers so if there can be some way of making sure everyone gets some help in the classrooms for keeping it clean. and at the for this resolution >> thank you, ms. solomon. >> i neglected to call on ms. o'keef any comments you want to make about this request before we move into any discussion. >> thank ou good evening. no, just to say we're excitedblast about this resolution and we look forward to working with the staff and our union partners to figure out the details and come back to the
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board. we have grab and go breakfast so we think that having this opportunity will help participation and we have a breakfast expansion grantee elementary level with different schools our second chance breakfast. so thank you >> thank you. any comments from board members? did i lose >> i have some comments. >> wait i think we just lost quorum. in terms of go ahead >> first of all, i want to have my name added as a sponsor i'm extremely commented to this and it's important for our school
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nutrition program this is just in keeping iowa we want to do and that will have a huge impact on students. it's been what i understand from talking to the student nutrition managers i appreciate what ms. solomon said but we haven't had a big problem this is a better way to address the issue of managing food in the classrooms it's a given period of time people clean up together so we need to pay attention to that but so far it's not a problem. i want my name on the resolution >> i'd be happy to add your name. >> thank you, president norton. i concur with the commissioners all of us should support this
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effort and at the for bringing this forward >> thank you. i just - is there any other comments from board members. >> i wanted to acknowledge the contributions of ms. lee and ms. wong. they referred to this resolution and brought it to me and they're the driving force behind it. i'm sorry they're not here but i know mr. seal you contacted them were you able to speak with them >> i spoke with wendy haven't been to corridor with megan yet. >> after conferring we having had a little bit of discussion about a timeline open the plan.
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after conferring with ms. o'keef i'd like to amend the resolution to have the plan brought to us by the end of this currency 13, fourteen school year so i want to amend the it received to have that added anyone want to second and any discussion on the motion. no? can he vote on the motion please (calling names) unanimous >> the amendment resolution we'll vote on i want to further request if we could have periodic units either in the
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curriculum i guess it make sense in the curriculum committee to have it there so dr. if you could put this on the agenda for the remainder of the school year about any issues putting this plan together. i think as ms. solomon said there's some issues we want to make sure we're moving forward in a way that make sense. so if that's okay to put it on the agenda >> on the committee. >> okay. great roll call please on the main motion (calling names) 7 i's.
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>> thank you, commissioners and thank you to ms. wong and ms. lee wherever you are. now we're going to move on to item j request the general matters. we did hear from some speakers on this but do i have any? no, no other speakers for general comment. let me just - well, i think sobody was walking up. item k advisory committee report. i want to at this point to announce i'm appointing tyler woods to the bilingual committee counciler. and now we're going to hear from the bilingual committee council so if you'll take a seat that would be great.
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thank you >> good evening, everyone. i'm kim i'm one the co- chairs of the bilingual community council we're grateful you've given us this opportunity. i'll to introduce the members present together. cindy choi and other folks. our i think all of you should have a copy of the report that we'll be giving to you it includes our observations 12 and
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13 update on the bbc challenges and questions and a concerns. you have the copy of the bilingual committee observation report 12 and 2013 we gave to the oversight committee in may of last spring. additionally you'll have what we're proud of the san francisco unified school district program guide it's available in china and a myriad of other languages. this is one of the many examples that the san francisco unified school district has been responsive to the b b y and the english language learn families and it's created some wonderful resources for our community and so cindy choi will be speaking
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on behalf of observations. and we'll have my colleagues talk about other issues and i'll end with skews and concerns and open it up for any concern you may have for us, >> good evening, everybody superintendents. >> today, i will speak in cantonese okay. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> well, first of all, on behalf of the bbc i'd like to extend our thanks to the district for every kind of help we need. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >> we thank the
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interpreters continue to be helpful to our meetings. >> (speaking foreign language.) >>. the guide is really helpful they'll been supportive of the changes that have been requested by the bbc. this is useful for many families. we recommend this distribution be extended to staff that work directly with the families
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> we have had presentations from mpd and other meetings. we continue to find it helpful to have the department heads present to the bbc and this year we'll appreciate them returning and welcome a special education person
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> we appreciate that the self testing has moved to the fourth day of school for the kindergarten students in order to remind families of testing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we appreciate f u s d listening to our concerns about translation on this website site we look forward to work with the
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assuring equate to communities generated websites. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the b cc appreciates the accountability data that has been generated for the students progress. this initial data has helped to engage our dialog with the district
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> the l l d report card it is important for communicating progress to our families. we appreciate that k through 5 implementation happened last year. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we like to honor and recognize the work and commitment to a bbc member who served for many years and
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recently passed away. thank you >> thank you cindy. >> so, now in our packet you have the copy of the bilingual observation report for the observations we made in 2012 and 2013. this is a report that we submitted to the internal oversight committee. i'm not going to read through this but i want the opportunity to highlight a couple of things. they visited the school sites and they represent did bilingual folks. they met with the administration and the fourth and a fifth grades. this was for students at the long risks not to learn.
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we wanted to compare the pathway students. we're going to talk about the bbc challenges but i want to add because of the lack of numbers we did those observations with 5 members. so it really made a big impact on the scope of the work we remember able to do but we were able to put together a comprehensive plan that really the leadership of maria who served as our historian as helped with the leadership. we put together our observations linked to the same 10 concerned that the department of justice had highlighted for this san francisco unified school district in their communications with the district.
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they're concerned are our concerns. there are 10 areas of concern that the department of justice highlighted and we looked at our observations through those lessons. i won't read all of them by item 4 is the improvement of communications with the families and item 67. the support of long-term members. when we visited we found a lot of improvement to reach out to english speaking families and the parents guide is a fine example of how we as a district are moving forward with reaching it out to families. when we went to visit the site they were having community meetings and we observed the parents are actively involved and offered translation.
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we heard from parents that many of them are involved in school counsels and a are working together with the staff. we - we have be able to see we is saw the english book is being used by the families and staff to provide information to the families that they may not have known or access before. that's our recommendation that the handbook be distributed to staff and faculty. if we just go down to our bbc recommendations. we want to continue to ask there's improvement regarding the pathways. there seems to be a gap in the
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especially understanding families about the option they have in the pathway. just to continue to ask bbc to do the good work they're doing and a making sure the families know the option. the uniform policies and generate the handbooks and that is a concern for us. plan more inservice program so the families know the policies and continue to use the report card and provide the teachers a copy and number 6 is the long-term english learners. we found that the sites found with this the report card because it goes k through 5 it


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